Girl in Yellow Scholarship

The Girl in Yellow Scholarship is designed to give rural girls in India the opportunity to pursue their education.

The scholarships are given to girls who need financial assistance in order to complete their schooling, around 8th grade standard. This will help to avoid the instance of forced marriage, which would likely cost her the opportunity to finish school.

The scholarship helps girls who aspire to pursue their education and show the most promise to succeed in school and in life, but would most likely not be able to attend school due to financial challenges or family issues.

How It Works

Each year, leadership from the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) meet with SEWA members from rural communities to discuss the scholarship and elect girls to be considered as recipients.

The girls who are selected are then provided with a scholarship to cover tuition, books, testing materials, and transportation, beginning around 8th grade standard, continuing through 12th standard.

Girls who show the most promise will then be eligible to receive an additional three years of college tuition and fees, so she may obtain her undergraduate degree.

Scholarship Attributes

Those who receive the scholarship will possess the following attributes:

  1. She is a daughter of a SEWA member at the time of award
  2. She displays a strong desire to continue her education into college
  3. She has “The Light in Her Eyes” – strong leadership potential

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Our Girls

Your support provides girls like these with a life changing education.