The Girl in Yellow Foundation formed as a response to each member’s desire to use education as a platform to invoke positive change within the rural communities of India.

Our call to action came in an instant, traveling to India on a university study tour which focused on women’s leadership, education, and social entrepreneurship. Just outside of Ahmedabad, India our group spent two days with SEWA, the Self Employed Women’s Association. Visiting a village that received from us a donation of USD $2,000 to help sustain a local thread store for area garment workers, we were invited to meet a group of women to learn more about their lives as mothers, wives, and earners.

Among the group was a young girl, wearing a yellow dress answering questions about her life as a student and a garment worker. She indicated that she was no longer in school, had planned to attend college, but her family could not afford to send her and therefore she would have to work to support her family. Through her words, she appeared complacent, accepting of her fate. Looking in to her eyes, there was an apparent sadness, and a realization that she would not be able to live life to her potential.

For several days I woke up with her on my mind, and went to sleep wondering how this girl could go back to school and reach her goals. Finally, on a long bus trip from Ahmedabad to Udaipur, I approached my professor to see if it was possible to locate the girl, to find out if there was any way she could attend school. If money was the only thing holding her and her family back from fulfilling her potential, I suggested I would pay for her expenses out of my own pocket so she could finish school.

Over the next couple of months, as we awaited word on the status of the "girl in the yellow dress", I began to realize if I had the power to help one girl, I could help more. If I could somehow reach others with my story, educate them on the needs of rural Indian girls and the social benefits and empowerment of education, and explain how just a little money can go a long way for these girls, we could start a movement. Thus, the Girl in Yellow Foundation was born.

That you are reading this story is a testament of our teams’ dedication to this cause. We are using education as a platform for social change, and hope you'll join us.

Thank you,
Founder – Girl in Yellow Foundation

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Provide life changing educational resources to girls around the world in hopes of creating a positive impact within the global community


Become a leading force in the effort to invoke positive change within rural communities around the world, through education and women’s empowerment


Education is the asset most valuable to any individual

Education is a gateway to women’s empowerment

Education is crucial to giving young women the skills and tools they need to enable personal growth and social equality

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